1. Lady Lux Interview with Designer Katie May →

    Online fashion hub Lady Lux put together a deep and thorough article this week titled “Katie May Neu Mixes and Matches Her Way to Sophisticated Elegance“.

    Several great quotes from Katie May highlighted the article:

    “I design for women that are not afraid of standing out, women that embrace their individuality,” she said. “Women who love the art of dressing and appreciate style and beautiful things.”

    “As long as there are girl’s nights, then there is a NEED for hot party dresses in every woman’s wardrobe,” the designer declared. “Obviously these pieces are for turning heads and feeling desired. Feeling sexy – whether in a hot dress or not – is what keeps us feeling young and appreciating our individual beauty.”

    The Spring 2012 collection is also touched upon and some teaser images are shown:

    For Spring 2012, Neu aimed to create a cosmopolitan collection that could work traipsing the globe. As her most feminine collection thus far, the pieces exude a delicacy and grace while still maintaining a more sophisticated vibe.